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Clearing A Path For Innovation To Reach Patients Faster: Gateway Labs By Lilly

December 13, 2022

Clearing A Path For Innovation To Reach Patients Faster: Gateway Labs By Lilly

With the speed of science and advancements in technology, the possibilities of innovative treatments for our toughest diseases are theoretically limitless. But the reality is, on average, it takes 10-15 years for a medicine to reach the people who need it. We’re working to remove barriers with a model that lets science lead the way to life-changing solutions.

In 2019, we opened our first shared innovation accelerator, Gateway Labs by Lilly, in South San Francisco. The idea was to create a shared state-of-the-art space for scientific entrepreneurs and their companies.

Today, there are now two locations in the Bay Area supporting 15 biotechs working to discover life-changing medicines. A third location is planned for 2024 in the new Lilly Institute for Genetic Medicine in Boston.

The model is unique. Unlike other life science accelerators, Gateway Labs gives participating companies direct access to our scientists, researchers, and executives.

Gateway Labs companies have an opportunity to collaborate with us, and each other, on research. It also gives us the opportunity to learn from participating companies and advance our own innovation.

“It is about scientific engagement,” said Lilly's Julie Gilmore, Ph.D., Global Head, Gateway Labs by Lilly. “How do we learn from each other? How do we advance innovation in a way that we couldn’t do by ourselves? How do we work together to achieve an outcome that’s best?”

Another point that really sets the model apart is that companies located in Gateway Labs have the potential for financial investment directly from us, venture capital funds, or both. Currently, we’ve directly invested in seven resident companies.

Participating biotechs have attracted more than $1 billion in capital supporting the development of more than 20 therapeutics and platforms. One drug candidate from a participating company has already entered our pipeline, with more expected in the future.

Gateway Labs by Lilly is about breaking down siloes, fostering collaboration, and speeding innovation for one important reason: There are people depending on the discoveries that come from these spaces. For those living with life-threatening diseases, there is no time to waste.

Originally Appeared in the Lilly Newsroom https://www.lilly.com/news/stories/clearing-innovation-path-gateway-labs